Mothers and their children's education

Mothers should stay at home to look after their children until they're old enough to start formal education. Is it so? In my opinion, mothers can stay at home to look after their children until they're old enough to start formal education. They must decide it themselves. Moreover, it depends on their children. They should be smart enough to get an education alone. Some children simply don't want to...
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The first trip to school or marriage?

The two photos show different turning points in life. It's hard to say, which is more important: the first trip to school or marriage? In my opinion, these two things - an integral part of life of typical person in the world. Also, they are equally important. Because reproduction and education are natural human needs. Moreover they go after each other. Therefore, at this moment of my life the education...
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Top 3 people in Tatarstan

On english: I prepared a list of famous people of my nation. The first person in my opinion is Musa Jalil. He was and is a greatest person in nation. In war, he showed his skills and his nature. The second person on my list, to my mind, is Gabdulla Tukay. He is a greatest tatar poet of all time. He had a heavy childhood, but he was able to achieve what he wanted. He became the greatest tatar poet. Surely,...
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JCR Launcher

От 19.06.2014 техническая поддержка прекращает свое существование. Однако программа продается по-прежнему. Вы покупали программу и у вас есть вопрос? Задавайте его в свободную тему на всеизвестном форуме "Bukkit по-русски - свой...
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On english: Sabantuy is an international national Tatar festival. It pass not only in Russia, but also worldwide. In our time people celebrate Sabantuy in middle of summer. In Sabantuy day, people participate in different competition. The most famous competitions are: heavy lifting, lifting on a column with a prize, running with a spoon in mouth, fights with bags and others competitions. After the...
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Bauman Moscow State Technical University

On english: I want write about Moscow State Technology University named after Bauman, which founded, how you can see in title, in Moscow. It is one of the largest technology universities in Russia. It was founded in 1830 and he has a very long story. In 1830 started building this university, and he was called how MPD, how in Russian is МУРЗ. In 1844, as studends do not know their subjects very...
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Short about "English section"

I learn English language and I want collect my works in English in this section. I also think what it's help me to learn English. Please, help me in this, correcting me. You can use materials in this rubric in your purposes, but don't forget about copyright which applicable to all materials. URL to this rubric:
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Полная настройка JCR Launcher

Полная настройка программы JCR Launcher v6.0.3_full_SRC Необходимые компоненты: WinRAR FileZilla (или другой FTP клиент) Notepad++ NetBeans IDE (версия для Java SE) In Class Translator Подготовительные работы: 1. Распаковка. Для начала работ распакуем наш ZIP архив,...
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GitHub - страница открыта

Как некоторым может быть и известно, я увлекаюсь программированием на языках: java, php. Собственно в этой записи хочу порадовать в первую очередь себя.. открытием странички на GitHub и предоставить вам первую программку с открытым...
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Запуск блога в открытую сеть

И вот наконец наступил тот момент, когда я загрузил свой блог с денвера в сеть. Честно, я этому рад, т.к. здесь я могу выложить все свои допустимые мысли и наработки для публичного доступа и просмотра. Наверное я могу поприветствовать...
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