The first trip to school or marriage?

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The two photos show different turning points in life. It's hard to say, which is more important: the first trip to school or marriage?

In my opinion, these two things - an integral part of life of typical person in the world. Also, they are equally important. Because reproduction and education are natural human needs. Moreover they go after each other. Therefore, at this moment of my life the education is more important thing, than marriage.

However, I know people who neglect one of these these vital principles. They can be engaged only in one business, but to know it several times better than others. These people can be understood. For example, scientist is typical example in this case.

My opinion stay between this two life points. I can doing my favorite job in some part of my life. After, I would like to have others life values.

In conclusion, these two turning points are important to everyone in their own way.
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